Data Visualisation has been a hot topic for many years, gaining an almost celebrity status amongst both public and private sectors that are wishing to bring life to their otherwise text heavy reports.

Whilst most organisations acknowledge the value of data visualisation, what has become less apparent is what it actually is.

There are a number of people that inspire us within the field. Most notably the likes of Nicholas Felton of, Ben Fry (one half of and his design studio and designer and journalist Francesco Franchi. You only need to look at the roster of speakers at the data visualisation festival to seek further inspiration.

Unfortunately, amongst the backdrop of designers and coders that are adding value to what has become widely known as ‘Big Data’, there are also those that are diluting this increasingly important intersection of design and information.

Data visualisation should enhance understanding. Design is both a science and a craft and the principles underpinning good design can be a powerful tool when applied to information.

Whilst we can offer bespoke illustrations to bring impact to reports, these will always be just that. Illustrations. Aside from memorability, an icon or graphic with a number alongside it will not offer you much more insight than the number alone.

Where we excel as a company is through offering interactive tools built specificly for you, that will help you translate your data into information. A tool, using underlying design principles, that will give you an unbiased viewpoint of your data and enable you to see trends and patterns in a way that wouldn’t have been possible before due to the overwhelming amount of numbers.

That’s what we believe is good data visualisation. When the numbers can speak for themselves.