MAPFORM | A Web Based Mapping Tool

MAPFORM is the latest software development from Numbertelling.

Our clients often ask us to map information onto surfaces and platforms that are unique to them. These surfaces can include everything from hospitals and building sites to oil rigs and ships, which can't be mapped using traditional mapping software.

The majority of mapping software available can only map postcode information. That's when we decided to develop mapform.

Mapform is designed to produce informative graphics that can visualise information within seconds. The resulting visualisations can be edited to fit in with brand guidelines or complement presentations.

The best bit about Mapform is that the results can be shared with ease and are ready to fit into annual reports or your latest publication. It can even produce an animated graphic to show instances over time.

This platform is currently in development but if you would like to be updated about new developments and release dates then sign up here.

Mapform enables anyone to plot any type of data onto any surface in seconds and produces informative graphics that are ready to share.