Monocle | Creating a digital environment from a paper based survey.

We are big fans of Monocle magazine, a global magazine covering everything from politics to start ups and a variety of topics in between.

The July/August 2016 edition gave way to the third survey to determine the top 25 cities. The guide is a brilliant and informative read but it made us want to find out more and compare these cities at a glance.

The advantage of creating a digital environment means the end user can interact and compare information across the cities, giving a more globalised view, which provides a much richer experience.

The dedicated exploratory visualisation adds a further dimension and enables users to visualise the relationship between a variety of factors. For example, how do the number of hours of sunshine affect how high the cities are ranked? This was just not possible in the print version.

To fuel our curiosity, we created a handy interactive guide to enable users to explore cities and understand their differences.