The interactive dashboard below offers an overview of sales data for a variety of POCT kits across Scotland.

The four large highlight figures across the top of the dashboard indicate the number of POC tests sold, the number of unique wards/customer address points (IDA), the number of suppliers and the market share that the dominant supplier holds.

below these highlight figures is a drop down menu. this menu controls the measures indicated in the bar chart on the left as well as the size of the circles displayed in the map to the right. The options for this menu reflect the highlight figures across the top (tests sold, number of IDAs, number of suppliers and dominant supplier).

The bar chart to the left is broken down by the product grouping (POCT type) and is sorted by the selected measure (highest to lowest). The map to the right displays the same selected measure by central delivery centre (i.e. national procurement/distribution centre). Both the map, the bar chart and the highlight figures reflect any selections made. To make a selection of a specific test or location centre, simply hover over the test or location centre of interest.