The interactive dashboard below focuses on the suppliers providing the POCT kits. The suppliers have been grouped into two anonymous groups (supplier A and other).

The bar chart on the left indicates the split of GP practices that use supplier A (green) versus other supplier (white) within each NHS Board. The NHS Boards have been ordered by the highest proportion of GP practices using POCT kits supplied by supplier A.

The map on the right of the dashboard highlights the supplier used by GP practice. The polygons have been mapped using postcode sector. In some instances, this means that if more than one practice is based in a postcode sector, only one practice will be visible. In this instance, the GP practices using supplier A will be shown first.

The numbers below the map indicate the number of GP practices that use supplier A (the figure on the left) and supplier other (the figure on the right). Due to the issue stated above, it may not be possible to see all practices that are represented within these figures.

The map on the right hand side can focus on a specific NHS board by hovering over the NHS board of interest in the bar chart on the right.