The interactive dashboard below illustrates the variation in point of care testing (POCT) kits across Scotland. All the information within this dashboard is based on the percentage of POCT kits used as a proportion of POCT and lab tests used.

The NHS Boards have been grouped, based on the proportion of POCT testing carried out, into three categories. The three categories consist of high POCT usage (which consists of the top 25% NHS Boards that are using POCT), medium POCT usage (consisting of the middle 50%) and low POCT usage (the bottom 25%).

The map below has been coloured based on these three categories (dark blue for high usage and light blue for low usage).

The bar chart to the right indicates the proportion of POCT usage (blue) vs Lab testing (white) by NHS board.

All elements of the dashboard are interactive. Therfore by hovering over one of the three categories in the top left hand corner, the relevant boards in those categories will be highlighted. Similarly, by hovering over the map or the bar chart, the respective charts will be highlighted.