Pawel Jancz loves discovering new technologies and the possibilities they can offer when applied to the world of data.

His journey began in the field of economy and finance, where he graduated with a BSc in Corporate Finance and Accountancy. He was quickly introduced to the real world of finance, when he spent his first few years in Gdansk Shipyard.

After moving to Scotland, he expanded his skills across a variety of areas in both public and private sectors, where he specialised in finance and healthcare data. Whilst the topic areas varied wildly, the problems were familiar and it was this enthusiasm for problem solving that led him to programming. Pawel has since applied these powerful skills to help numerous organisations and charities.

Pawel is now co-founder of numbertelling, specialising across the fields of data extraction and management, where he programmes bespoke applications to do just about anything with data.


Rebecca Kaye is passionate about both numbers and graphics and the story telling potential of patterns within data.

After graduating from Manchester University with a BSc Mathematics and Statistics, she spent her time working as a statistician within government and health departments, helping policy and decision makers to make sense of big data.

Following her postgraduate research, Msc (Distinction) Design and Communication, she put theory into practice and applied her unique skillset to deciphering complex datasets and communicating the results using design priniciples. These skills have also led her to applying her design thinking to interactive commisions for the likes of RBS and Channel 4.

Rebecca is now co-founder of numbertelling, specialising in all areas of data visualisation from information graphics to interactive reports and everything in between.